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Acoustical Product Know-How

Echo…. Echo…. in your office space, home or learning and meeting environment? Acoustic panels are used when the “echo” or sound resonance of a room is too strong. This can be due to the materials used in the construction of the building (glass, concrete or metal) or simply because the decoration is too minimalist. Products referred to as acoustic baffles, sound panels, and acoustic boards can help mitigate sound transfer in a space, preventing sound from traveling from one end of the room to the other. They can also aid in lowering background noise to an acceptable level. For instance, in many modern open-space offices, the noise levels range from 60-80 decibels, while the recommended level is 45-55 decibels. Products are rated from 0 to 1 on how much sound they can absorb or how much quieter they can make your space (NRC rating).

It’s crucial to determine the best location and type of acoustic panels to achieve the best performance. Finding the ideal positioning depends on several factors, including

  • room type
  • the activity of the space
  • existing furniture
  • materials in the space (upholstery, glass, plastic, wood)

Also panels these days are extremely pleasing to the designer eye adding depth, structure and even color to your space.

Snowsound is at the forefront of acoustical technology and design. Their products span from screens to panels to art with an NRC rating of 1 (the best). They offer fiber textiles with endless color schemes that are highly durable and dust resistant making them easy to clean. In addition to their panels are 100% recyclable and also GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Unika Vaev is another favorite in acoustic products. With a tag line of “hear yourself think” they take the integrity of their offerings serious. Using the same NRC rating you can find tiles, wood products, rugs & screens as part of their offerings. Colors, patterns and designs make necessary acoustical products so stunning.