It’s Game Time

What is “Intense Living” and how does it look in your world?  Does it mean being present in every moment? Is it getting as much done in your day as humanly possible? Or does it require one to slow down More

Employer Responsibility When Working From Home

Depending on where in the country you live you may have started working from home between March 1st to April 1st of 2020. It’s now a new year and some people are still struggling to find a good set up More

Office Ecosystem

Have you ever thought of the office as an ecosystem? In a 3-part study conducted by Cushman and Wakefield on The Future of the Workspace the idea of the office no longer being a single location but instead a collection More

Lounge Seating Can Be More

Lounge chairs can be more than just another spot to sit and wait for your next meeting. They can be where your meeting is held or where you want to work for a few hours. Lounge with privacy screens have More

Ready to keep working from home?

According to Global Workplace Analytics, 82% of US office workers want to continue working from home after Covid-19. As an employer, you are still responsible for the wellness and health & safety of your staff whether in the office or More

Livongo’s Office Expansion

“Our company has been expanding our office spaces to accommodate fast growth and Meredith has been a great partner to work with throughout our Denver office expansion. She worked hard to accommodate our tight budget, compressed timeline and technology integration More

Acoustical Product Know-How

Echo…. Echo…. in your office space, home or learning and meeting environment? Acoustic panels are used when the “echo” or sound resonance of a room is too strong. This can be due to the materials used in the construction of the building or More

The Architecture Industry on Workplace Design and Returning to the Office

How are you preparing to return to work? This article explores different solutions that include groups with a “club” like atmosphere to limit exposure to everyone in the office, still mixing working from home and coming together as or when More

How Are You Adapting to Survive?

I have a folder on my desktop called “Covid Design.” Never did I imagine having a collection of articles covering the future of commercial design, work place information and a virus on my computer. Over the past four months I have More


As we continue to learn more about Covid-19 and how businesses will move forward to create their “new normal” in the office, Cushman & Wakefield has jumped in to doing research and has published great resources and suggestions for businesses More