Refreshing a Denver Icon: Independence Plaza

“A Wall Street Journal real estate column late last year declared that office building lobbies for the last century “served as little more than sterile passageways between the sidewalk and the desks above …” A small dose of urban hyperbole, More

Best Practices For Buying New Office Furniture.

An article written by Meredith Gershberg, “Best Practices For Buying New Office Furniture,” is featured in the newest CREJ Building Dialogue. Featured product: Vero Table with Chirp Barstools from Arcadia and Encore, Pods from Boss Design and Ziva Lounge from JSI.

Free-Addressing In The Workplace

It’s Monday morning and you have just arrived at your office after a wonderful weekend. After catching up with a few co-workers you are ready to start tackling the day’s tasks, but first… you have to find a place to More

Biophilic Design

Kim Hoff, Design Director at Kieding recently wrote about Biophilic Design for CREJ’s March 2018 publication. What is Biophilic Design? Biophilia is defined as the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature. Biophilic design, an extension of biophilia, incorporates natural materials, natural More

Designing A Space Worthy of Your Company’s Potential

The word culture is being thrown around like collaboration was several years ago.  Can a company even verbalize what their culture is? What steps are leaders taking support this and ensure their company is a place people want to work More

Guest Appearance on Higher Results with Melodie Reagan

Higher Results with Melodie Reagan invited Design Resource Group’s Meredith Gershberg and Tanner Mason, managing partner of Benchmark Commercial to their live broadcast in May of 2018. Topics covered started with the basics, “Thinking about finding an office or moving More

1950’s Remodel of 22,000 Square Feet Lobby Space

1950’s Remodel of 22,000 Square Feet Lobby Space Katie Winter, design director, and the team at Kieding did an amazing job on the interior design and execution, transforming the 1950’s lobbies for 621 & 633 17th Street in downtown Denver.  Together the More

Good Acoustics Can Make A Space And Other News

Good Acoustics Can Make A Space It’s difficult to have meetings, especially conference calls and teleconferencing meetings, in a room with too much glass that the sound bounces around. That was the situation Ray Allen was facing in their Denver More