Furniture Solutions

Design Resource Group specializes in commercial projects for office, hospitality, healthcare, education and handle residential projects.

Corporate Furniture Solutions

Work doesn’t just happen in the office. We provide workable design solutions beyond cubicles, including high-functioning conference rooms, lively cafes, open floor plans and transitional spaces.

Hospitality Furniture Solutions

Flexibility, design aesthetics and budget requirements govern the hospitality industry. We offer flexible seating and tables for any style guideline or budget.

Healthcare Furniture Solutions

Healthcare settings must handle a wide variety of people, including patients, professionals and visiting guests. Design Resource Group offers comfortable solutions that are also durable and practical.

Education Furniture Solutions

Academic settings are changing and student and educators’ expectations have evolved. Our furniture solutions help to enhance the learning process with technology, creativity and flexibility.

Residential Furniture Solutions

Great design in the home requires the right furniture and sometimes a statement piece. From the perfect dining and living room to home office spaces, Design Resource Group provides flexible and livable solutions.