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Downtown Denver Expeditionary School

Location:  Denver, CO

The Downtown Denver Expeditionary School opened in August 2013, founded by a group of parents, community members and business leaders seeking a high-performing Expeditionary Learning school to primarily serve a diverse range of families who live, work, or learn in downtown Denver. The school is located on Lincoln Street and 18th Ave.

Working with Katianne Glesne, the school’s Operations Coordinator, Design Resource Group helped them re-create their once typical looking cafeteria in to a fun and stimulating space to learn. The furniture selected for the remodel was The Edge, designed by Primo Orpilla from First Office and Hinchada from Loewenstein. Both furniture collections are straight forward and the children did not need to be told how to use it. Climbing, sitting, and playing on the furniture is encouraged. More than adults, children do not like to sit still and these 2 collections of furniture allow for movement, play and focus time.