Project Gallery


Location:  Denver
Square Footage:  8800

Working with Michelle Hernandez, Livongo’s Head of Workplace Design, we started down the path of programming and furniture selections in the fall of 2019 with the goal to install the first phase in 2020 Q1. We had a tight budget to outfit a large space completed in 4 phases, the last installed in August 2020. Livongo had an existing space in downtown Denver and were tripling their square footage and occupancy to 72 employees in 8,800 square feet, taking over the entire floor.

Benching style fit their space needs for open plan workstations. Each employee has a 48×30 surface, a personal storage mounted under the desk, a single or dual monitor arm, desktop power/data access and a locker space at the end of the pod. There’s only 1 private office and all other rooms are “Zoom rooms” as employees are on video calls throughout the day. It was also important to have casual spots for 2-6 employees to meet and collaborate. There’s a variety of lounge chairs in open and private spaces, mobile flip-top cafe tables, mobile bar height tables with stools and mobile glassboards.

Featured furniture on this project include: Benching from HAT Contract, Applause tables, Acen training chairs, Airus task chairs and Heya lounge from OFS, Marty personal storage and Lockers from Great Openings, Miro conference & mobile tables from Watson, Flip-Top cafe tables from Surfaceworks, Ole chairs from Encore and Rover mobile glassboards from Fulbright.