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Ray Allen Inc.

Location:  Ray Allen Inc.

It’s difficult to have meetings, especially conference calls and teleconferencing meetings, in a room with to much glass that the sound bounces around. That was the situation Ray Allen was facing in their Denver office when they reached out to DRG. With an exterior wall of all windows and an interior glass garage door leading to their cafe space, the room was like a fish bowl. It’s not an enjoyable space to be in.

Enter DRG and Snowsound to the rescue! Snowsound’s acoustical products have the highest NRC rating, absorbing 100% of the sound that hits them. We installed 27 Flaps on the walls and 3 Mitescos on the ceiling above the conference table.

How does it work? Snowsound improves sound by absorbing echoes and reverberation without eliminating all sound, creating natural sounding peace and quiet. The panels act as acoustic equalizers and close the gaps between the different frequencies in a space, which leaves necessary sound without the feeling of noise. Through the use of variable density material, the panels can treat all frequencies in the acoustic spectrum as opposed to focusing on limited ranges.

If you would like to learn more about Snowsound and how it could improve your workplace please reach out to DRG.