Free-Addressing In The Workplace

It’s Monday morning and you have just arrived at your office after a wonderful weekend. After catching up with a few co-workers you are ready to start tackling the day’s tasks, but first… you have to find a place to work from. Free-addressing is very similar to hoteling. Many businesses where employees have flexible work schedules are continuing to move away from assigned workstations and offices and allowing employees to find a spot to work that’s best for them.

“On September 13, Interior Design hosted the penultimate Workplace Roundtable of 2018, an industry-focused discussion on the latest trends in office design. In an intimate gathering at the magazine’s New York City headquarters, 28 designers and manufacturers discussed design solutions that positively impacted inclusivity either at their own firm or in a project, the ability of free-addressing to democratize the office, and the struggles the industry still faces in recruiting diverse talent. Interior Design managing editor Helene Oberman and contributing editor Jen Renzi moderated the conversation.”

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