Good Acoustics Can Make A Space And Other News

Snowsound Project

Good Acoustics Can Make A Space

It’s difficult to have meetings, especially conference calls and teleconferencing meetings, in a room with too much glass that the sound bounces around. That was the situation Ray Allen was facing in their Denver office when they reached out to DRG.

We installed Snowsound’s Flap and Mitesco acoustical panels to improve the sound quality by absorbing echoes and reverberation. In doing this we created a peaceful atmosphere.

To learn more about this installation and see additional photos please visit our website.

New powder skis!

Are You Busy and Skiing Too?

How did we already get to February of the new year? Weren’t we just eating pumpkin pie and sending out holiday gifts?

It’s a cliche saying, but time does fly when you’re having fun. I recently visited Whistler for my first time. I highly recommend skiing there be on  your adventure list. Vail resorts bought Whistler Blackcomb and skiing is included in the Epic Local and full Epic pass. Pray for snow!